Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 My List of Lists

For me, a new year always begins with a day (or three) of sorting through my stash and planning a few quilts for gift-giving throughout the year. I do this to take stock of what I have and make a shopping list of fabrics and supplies I should be on the lookout for. This year was no exception.

This nesting/cleaning frenzy ends with lists of the quilts I want to finish last week, lists of fabrics and supplies I need, lists of quilts not finished last year that were supposed to be gifts. . . This year I organized the lists by month. I like lists—I could save my lists to make an art quilt! I usually lose the lists within hours of their creation! This year I made these lists on my new phone—there is an app for that you know! Still figuring that out. Heaven help me if I lose the phone!

So, from all the sorting and lists I plan to make, or at least start, a few scrap quilts. More on these quilts when I get through cutting but for now they are sorted and resting comfortably in their new stackable storage boxes. Scrap quilts aside, a few smaller things I wanted to finish got done .I did finish a few little things in the first week of this new year and thought it might provide some momentum to continue working through my lists. Wish me luck. I will post a list or two when I figure out how to get if from my phone.

So here are pics of a few projects completed! Only one was on a list.For now back to the machine on my day off!

Calendar Blocks from the new book Count on It from Art to Heart are a great small project. My numbers are a work in progress. For the Pumpkin I used a pattern by Happy Hollow Designs but instead of using men's neckties as they suggested I strip-pieced the fabrics.


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