Tuesday 15 June 2010

Fantasy Flowers Instructions

Margaret Patty Angie and Mary can't wait to get started on their quilt so here is a jpeg of the pattern

A pdf of this, along with pictures will be posted shortly on the website and linked to the blog

A New Mystery Quilt from my Cupboard

While cleaning out my stash cupboard for the new mystery quilt I have been working on, I was reflecting on recent visits from my sons.

Whenever my oldest son came home from university he would point out the dated salad dressings and condiments in the refrigerator. We had to point out that we don't use these things as much now that the boys are all away from home.
Now, before my oldest comes home to visit, I check the "best before" dates on everything in the refrigerator and cupboards so as not to get him thinking his parents are losing it and he should be making plans for them.

I was determined to use up fabric from my stash for a new mystery quilt and realized that fabric probably has a "best before" date too, although it probably won't do as much damage as the old food in the refrigerator. This is a common theme we hear at the shop--"I have more fabric than I will ever use" This quilt is a great way to use some of those wonderful "mature" fat quarters taking up space in the cupboard that have passed the "best before" date.

Watch this space for details about this quilt. It is big and easy and a bit like a seven layer dip but without the calories! Now to come up with a name.