Tuesday 27 December 2011


A new year and a new list of unfinished quilts.

Although these posts are supposed to be about the shop, the unfinished quilts that end up on my list usually start as a shop sample or a new idea for a class.  I can't help it--surrounded every day by fabulous colourful fabrics,  the temptation to start something new is too great.  Usually by the time I finish a sample the fabric in the quilt  is no longer available.  So I start a new one with new fabric--its a vicious cycle!

 I work well to deadline(and sometimes not) and this past year I found myself putting off doing THE LIST quilts because the year end was so far in the future.   I have long suspected that procrastination and deadlines were cut from the same cloth.  Like night and day, we can't have one without the other. Well, here we are; December is almost over and there is no way, not even with a month of Sundays before me, that I will finish ALL the quilts on the list! 

So I have made the decision to divide THE 2012 LIST  into 12 months, and I will post a new list every month. (This also saves the embarrassment of posting the whole list all at once.)

So here is the list of the unfinished projects I will complete by the end of January.  Drop by the shop to see what gets completed.  Or, better yet, send me your list and challenge yourself to complete a few of your own UFO's. 


1930's Baby Bricks 
1930's Beginner Sampler (one of many started while teaching the beginner class)
Turquoise and Brown Florida tote (A Trace and Create bag pattern)
Black and White Florida Tote
Purple Carol's Convertible purse
Bali Bag
Ursula Bag (turquoise)
Black/White/Orange Knotty Basket
Heart wall hanging
Miniature stars quilt